German Style Liver Pate - liver pate served with bread​

German style meatball - six meatballs in brown gravy

Side salad with house dressing   

German Specialty Dinners
(served with choice of two sides)

Schnitzel Dinner - pork schnitzel served with home fries and cabbage       

Lemon Schnitzel Dinner - natural schnitzel pan sautéed in lemon sauce served  with home fries and red cabbage   

Jagerschnitzel - breaded pork schnitzel topped with mushroom sauce served with home fries and red cabbage    

Wiener schnitzel - veal cutlet, thin, lightly breaded and fried      

Bouletten - German style hamburger steak dinner served with home fries and red cabbage    

Grilled Kassler Rippchen - smoked pork chop served potato salad and sauerkraut. 
                                                           Served with one or two pork chops        

Dinner for Two - four sausages (chefs choice), one Kassler Rippchen (smoked pork chop), home fries, red cabbage, 
                                    German potato salad and sauerkraut      

German Sausage Platters
(served with two sausages and choice of two sides)

German Wiener Dinner                     

Grilled Bratwurst Dinner                 

Grilled Smoked Bratwurst Dinner                              

Knackwurst Dinner                                 

Krainerwurst  (smoked garlic sausage)    NEW!

Grilled Weisswurst Dinner (veal sausage)                

Grilled hot and spicy Bratwurst Dinner                              

Any sausage platter with one sausage                

Combination Dinners 
  (served with choice of two sides)

#1 Combo Dinner - one bratwurst and one knackwurst                

#2 Combo Dinner - one bratwurst, one weisswurst and one knackwurst       

#3 Combo Dinner - one bratwurst, one knackwurst and one Kassler            
                                            Rippchen (smoked pork chop)


Reuben sandwich (house special) -  with chips and pickle                            

Schnitzel sandwich - pork cutlet, pounded thin, breaded and fried with chips and pickle                         

Bacon, lettuce and tomato - white or wheat bread served with chips and pickle                 

Braunschweiger sandwich - served on German rye bread with chips and pickle                  

Grilled cheese sandwich - white or wheat bread served with chips and pickle             

Grilled Swiss cheese sandwich - served on German rye bread with chips and pickle          

German style hamburger - served on a Kaiser roll with lettuce, tomato and mayo with chips and pickle

Grilled ham and Swiss - served on rye bread with chips and pickle                       

The Rachel sandwich - Turkey Reuben - served on rye bread with chips and pickle

Side Dishes

German potato salad                           

Sauerkraut (house recipe!)                    

German home fried potatoes                   

German red cabbage                   

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